Since 2006 I’ve been serving up and working on various projects, here’s a list of the personal projects:

dAmnZilla (2.0a)
Current Status: On Hold – Work In Progress.

dAmnZilla is a multi-platform client for the Chat Network. Built in XUL and JS, it’s taken serveral months to implement to a base level of features. The Code is mainly of a Class-based structure, and is currently in version 2.0a. You can find dAmnZilla’s source code on my google code repository, here.

Current Status: Work in progress

ServerAdmin is a new way to manage your mysql/php server. It’s based heavily on PHPmyAdmin, while providing more features and a better user interface. It is currently not released, but it’s code is Class-based.

Current Status: On Hold

YetToBeGallery is a plugin for wordpress designed to simplify the use of galleries. It’s methodology is that you should just need to create a gallery, upload a thumbnail and full sized image, and the plugin will do the rest. Uses Lightbox to display full-size images.


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