There’s been thousands of articles written on the web about online privacy, some discussing what you can do to protect your privacy, others discussing how certain sites or services break your privacy. While it’s all good and great to say there’s issues with online privacy, in my opinion, when it gets down to it, usually you choose to put the information on your user profile.

If you say that you live in Canterbury Fields, 10 High St, Apartment 44, then your telling the world that you live at that location, your not usually saying that to just a small audience, but rather a global audience. You can’t complain, if you have something happens, because, if you’ve broadcasted information that you wouldn’t normally tell someone you don’t know.

However, on the opposite side to that, if someone else posts information about you, then that I consider to be an online privacy problem.


Okay, so check this out, I’ve gotten a domain name and hosting! Woooo….

Okay, so expect this blog to be moving there sometime in the next few months 😀

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Well, sort of. As You’ve guessed if your here, I’ve yet again changed the theme of the blog, for those interested in knowing, the header photo is my own, you can find it in my deviantART gallery. That’s all for me right now.

Meet Tane.

Do you need a freelance web developer with tastes for Python, PHP, and Javascript?
Yes, well then, meet Tane Piper, a freelance developer from Edinburgh, Scotland.

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