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Okay, So wordpress has delayed posting of blog entries — In Otherwords, I’m Talking from the future more so then normal.

What’s News?

Did I mention I got employment of sorts with NapalmRiot Inc? Well, yes, I work for NapalmRiot as a CSS / JavaScript Ninja, expect to see more awesome stuff from them soon. Not a Member? Signup Today!

What else… I’ve Started work back up on dAmnZilla, I’m totally revising it’s User Interface and recoding large portions of it, It’s getting some really cool features added in. Oh, yeah, It’s my birthday today, happy birthday to me. Woot.

Also, work on has ground to a stop for a while, for I’m working on some much bigger and cooler projects right now. I promise, actually, Is there such thing as birthday resultions? Okay, I make a birthday Resolution to get YetToBeBranded Live before my next birthday.

In Slightly other news.. Here’s some interesting Design Concepts:

Oh Well, That’s about it from this news room.

…You’re Listening to Micheil from YetToBeBranded ramble on about random news in october since the last news update… Oh Yeah, The Birds are Tweeting, and The Sky Is BlueMusic is in the Air.


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