G’day, I’m just another Australian named Micheil. I’ve started venturing into the complex world of Graphic Design and Programming, and well, by the time I noticed I was addicted to both topics, it was too late.

As a day job, I’m a Student, working fairly hard to achieve good results, but, by night, I’m a Web Developer and Artist. I have experience in developing in JavaScript, can easily code a CSS Framework, and know my way around Xhtml, along with anything new on the web.

I’ve been Developing for the web for the past 4 years, and an Artist in the mediums of Ink Illustration and Graphic Design for the past 5 years.

You find me all over the web, these days. I can usually be found handing about where the sky is blue and the oceans free, where art is growing on trees, and chatter is of games.


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