Permalinked Permalinks?

In the new YetToBeBranded site, I’m using wordpress to power it, due to lack of tiem to create a custom platform. The long of the short of it, is that i wanted everything to be as integrated and look as natural as possible. This would mean permalinks.

Another thing, was that YetToBeBranded is a company website, not a blog, so I’m using a custom frontpage, which complicates things just a little.

My permalink structure was to be simple: /articles/ is all my articles, it’d be based on title of the article. However, when I set my permalinks to be


I also had a page called ‘articles’, which was the default frontpage of a wordpress blog. I messed around for quite a while, trying to figure out why my pagination was bugging up in the custom permalinks, the answer:

Because I had a page called articles, and my articles where pointing to that page, instead of that post, there was conflict. The solution was to set my permalinks to:


This worked. I’m not sure if this article will help anyone else, but this helped me, as i couldn’t find the solution to my problem in the codex or related resources.


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