Update: Designing to heaven

Over the past few months, some would’ve noticed that i haven’t been too active; other would’ve noticed it in the past two weeks. The reason is simple, I’ve been cracking away at the design for this site, once I get a domain name and host sorted.

I’ve gone for a simple and minimalist look, whilst using a grid based layout combined with a dark palette to emphasis on the content. I’m still undecided on the final color palette, but now it’ll include colors around #a0a0a0 and #4a4a4a.The new colour palette for Yet To Be Branded

For typography, I’ve gone with a mixture of serif and sans-serif fonts. I’ve tried to use the serif type for headings or areas which need emphasis, as it stands out against the body text of sans, you can see this in the image to the left. A sample of typography in the new YTBB, both sans-serif and sans!

As for layout, I’ve started by prototyping the design on a few of 960.gs’s grid templates, very handy for use in a boring school class with a substitute teacher. Then i progress to use simple XHTML and CSS. The grid system used is 20/80 in header and content and 50/50 in the footer, all is centered in a container of 78% (there’s a reason for that odd number, but ten points if you can work out why =P )

That’s all for now on the new design; Keep watching and if you’ve got any feedback, by all means, leave a comment and tell me, happy browsing 🙂

Update: You can see the work in progress periodically at this deviation on deviantART.com


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