Okay.. I know this place has pretty much been dead, so I’ve revitalised it. New theme, new categories, new pages.


In brief..

  • Started getting ideas for a new design.
  • Started looking for domain sellers, know any good ones?
  • Started looking for hosting, if needed.

New Design:

This is something I’ve been trying to work out for ages, but I might have finally come up with something. I’ll post here on the progress of making that. I might make my previous design into a wordpress theme instead of a template for the rss parser.

Domains, Hosting?

If you’ve got a domain name seller you’d recommend, then tell me in a comment below. It’s preferable that the domain seller is in either the Australia but the UK/US is good too.

I may need hosting as well, so feel free to recommend me one as well, same as above.

Project News:

The Latest news on projects I’m working on.

The development has ground to a stop, and at the moment I’m looking at scrapping all existing code and starting from scratch again. If you’re interested in building a chat application in xulrunner, please contact me via the about page.

I’ve gotten a little bit of feedback, and I’ll be posting follow ups as to how to use EventJS in a large scale application, web or xulrunner.

Recent Finds

I’ll be posting follow ups and reviews on some of my latest finds in the coming days. My latest finds include Dromaeo, Using.js, and FireShot.

That’s all for now, more coming really soon.


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