Okay, stop.


Drop everything.

dropped everything.

The Environment, what is it?

it’s the place we live in, the world

How do we affect it?

um.. we affect it by.. um..

having a little trouble?


Okay, here’s how we affect it:

We affect the environment, everyday by consuming power and throwing things out. Most of the worlds power, unfortunately at this stage is generated using fossil fuels, the car’s we drive are mostly powered by fossil fuels. When we throwing things out, it uually goes into landfill, which pollutes natural habitats.

What can we do about it?



We can stop using our cars for a day, we can turn off appliances when we’re not suing them, instead of always putting them on stand by. Everyday, we can make a small change to the environment by reducing the amount we drive our cars, or how much we leave applications running when we arent using them.

You could also think of powering your house by alternative power sources such as having photo-voltaic calls on the roof. Or by setting up a wind farm on some unused farmland.

That’s all the stuff i have time to till you about the environment and what you can do about it for today.


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