Running With XUL (xulrunner)

After recently playing around with extensions for firefox – for example, skinning them – I decided to have a look further into XUL and mozilla based languages. Thats when I found Xulrunner, the bootstrap for xul/xpcom applications.
Now, i had a development environment, i needed to check up on a few things, namingly:

  • XUL and the language structure (via
  • Javascript and how to use it in XUL.
  • An Application I thought I’d be able to build.

I quickly got cracking, i opened up komodo edit, and had a look at it’s predefined templates, and sure enough, there was a whole set for XUL development. I went looking for existing applications centered around what i was aim to achieve, an RSS Reader, and sure enough i found a few, in particular:

I started out build my xul application, i got bits of the UI drawn up, tested, then kept working. Then after using various other’s work as an example and tutorial, i taught myself the javascript style of xul apps.

Thats all for now, more to come later.

Listen To While Writing: Gorillaz – All Alone
via FoxyTunes


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