DeviantART: Guess Who!

Hello, yes it’s me, Well, thats not actually what this post is about. This post is more or less about just some of the un-documented or rather hidden features of These features popup in the search, in url’s as extra parameters, ect. Each time I find a new one that is allowed to/should be posted, i’ll update this entry.


“favBy:username” is something that you, yourself can enter into the deviantart search box. Basically it’ll return all of “username”‘s favourites. I guess you could call it useless, but I think that it could prove very useful.

Notes, Subjects, Names?

update: this feature was disabled due to it being used for spam.

As most deviants know, when you write a link for someone to send you a note, you usually write, username being the deviant of choice. But as i found out, you can also do this will not only fill in the username field, but also the subject field. Very nifty indeed yes?

Latest Deviations?

As minister Zacthetoad points out in his signature, you can veiw your latest deviation by typing . I know this is short but it’s more of one of those “Did you Know…” things.

Thats all for now, but stay tuned for other hidden features.


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