Okays, yeah, you may have noticed that i might be going to be making a few changes around here. There are a couple of things i’m going to working on now. Now being that i’m on Holidays. So, yeah, First of all, I’m going to be working on, and setting up a porfolio and coding pages and stuff at:

It’ll include things like my jQuery xml reader script, (i’ll post stuff on it soon.) It’ll include pictures of websites i’m building, or designing. It’ll also be home to my photography. 95% of all the stuff that will be shown there will be mirrored at my gallery on deviantART:

And by the way, i hope all of you who actually read this blog, have had a wonderful Christmas, and have a bright and filfulling New Year. And by the way, by the way, I’ve released a few userstyles at, you can find them here:

–Miksago aka Micheil.


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